Where to Find Used Car Batteries for Sale

Everyone knows that buying used goods can save money, and the same is true of automotive battery purchases. Some consumers are unaware that they can purchase a used battery, and others are unsure where to find these car batteries for sale. As these products cannot be bought from retail or auto parts stores, some of the options below may be helpful.


eBay is an enormous online auction site that offers almost anything a bargain-hunting consumer could possibly want, and this includes quality used car batteries. On eBay, individuals and businesses frequently offer surplus products or items that were purchased in bulk, or just sell things they no longer need. Many customers use eBay to get the most value for their used items when they are ready to purchase new products. Others use the auction site as an online store, and are able to sell used goods and other items for less than traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Local Classifieds, Garages, and Repair Shops

In addition to selling homes, cars, and antiques, most local classified ad pages also feature an abundance of people who are trying to sell a variety of used items. In fact, since many people donít often buy used car batteries, a classified ad price might be lower than an online ad or auction site, and can result in substantial savings. Also, checking with local mechanics, garages, and car repair sites may or may not result in the quick discovery and purchase of a battery, but it should at least yield some good leads about where else to search for car batteries for sale, and/or whom else to contact.

Visiting a Local Recycler

When a car is impounded or destroyed in a car accident, the batteries are often still in perfect working order. Car recyclers will strip working parts from a vehicle before it is demolished and take these parts to a recycling store, or a used auto parts store, where they are then re-sold to consumers. Visiting local recycling or used auto parts and repair shops is an ideal way to find car batteries for sale, and many sites sell these dirt-cheap, as they frequently have a surplus on hand. Additionally, car batteries may be found at automotive junkyards in junked cars.

Scrap Metal Yards

These businesses are left with batteries when older cars are hauled in and sold for scrap metal. Many consumers are unaware that used batteries can be purchased from scrap metal yards, and they are not well-known sites for individuals who are looking for car batteries. Because of low demand, a battery from one of these places can be found for a rock-bottom price, sometimes as little as $10-$15. Due to the fact that batteries can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is important to note that this is best left to those with some familiarity of the different types of batteries.

Overall, there are a variety of unconventional places where customers can find batteries for sale. In addition to searching online sites, a visit to a local scrap yard, junkyard, or recycler can not only result in significant savings, but in the discovery of a previously-unknown resource.

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