Tips on Buying Used Car Batteries

Saving money is often difficult when it comes to the high cost of automotive repair parts. The most expensive new car batteries can cost over $100, and car batteries are often priced at around $50 dollars for a quality brand. Buying used car batteries can slash the expense, and still allow you to keep the car running smoothly.

Saving Money with Used Batteries

Everyone knows that used goods are purchased more cheaply than new, but they are often unaware of just how much money can be saved. A new car’s retail value decreases by at least 50% almost as soon as it is driven off the lot. The same theory applies to many retail items, and car batteries are no exceptions; once these products are taken from the shelf, their value drops drastically. This means the consumer can purchase used car batteries at a greatly reduced price, and often the quality of these batteries is equal to or only slightly less than those that are purchased new.

Examine Before Buying

The only real caveat when buying used car batteries is to make sure they are not cracked, broken, or out of date. A car battery’s lifespan is only about five years, and it’s vital to keep this in mind when purchasing a used battery. Otherwise, its life will diminish drastically, and can potentially leave an unaware motorist stranded due to a dead battery. Cracked or leaking batteries are also potentially hazardous. Before purchasing a used car battery, be sure to check the casing for cracks and/or leaks. Lead acid controls a car battery’s voltage, thus leaks can result in reduced power to start the car.

Where to Buy

Most retail and discount chains’ inventories contain new car batteries only; even automotive parts stores carry nothing in the way of batteries that is not new. However, used car batteries can still be found, and it just takes a little creative research to find them. The internet is a great place to start searching for batteries, particularly auction sites such as eBay,, or Classified sites such as or local newspaper advertisements can also yield results. Classified sites such as or local newspaper advertisements can also yield results.

Buying the Right Type

There are multiple models of car batteries available, and some of these function differently from the others. Some use water, while others use lead acid. Some run on a 12-volt system, and others use only 6 volts per hour. Before beginning the search, it’s important to determine the type of battery needed. This will avoid a waste of time on a fruitless search, or money wasted on the wrong battery. Additionally, after confirming the type of battery, it can be helpful to perform a search in a specific category, rather than the general topic of car batteries, or used car batteries.

Buying used products is more economical, and this practice can be a real time-saver as well. A quick check of your vehicle’s voltage system and battery type, in addition to a little research, can pay off with an acquisition of a quality used battery, and the satisfaction that comes with being a smart consumer.

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